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Athlete Protection Policy

CDA Athlete Protection Policy

Cleveland Disc Association is committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment for all of its members. We have aligned our programs with USA Ultimate and the Safe Sport Movement, led by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Additionally, you may reference our Code of Conduct policy.

The following rules, policies, education and tools are intended to serve our members and community as we work together to maintain this safe environment.

Reporting Prohibited Conduct

Prohibited conduct can be reported by any individual to the CDA using this link: Report Misconduct

All reports of prohibited conduct are taken seriously and may be immediately referred to law enforcement and the CDA Board. Reportees will be asked to submit a conduct complaint form. Reportees' identity can be kept confidential, but complaints should not be filed anonymously.

Due to new Federal law, any complaint alleging sexual abuse will have to be reported to the authorities.

Prohibited Conduct

In accordance with Safe Sport and the USA Ultimate Conduct Policy, all Cleveland Disc Association volunteers, athletes, members, coaches and chaperones are prohibited from engaging in the following conduct with athletes at any time:


Bullying is the use of coercion or constant cruelty to obtain control over another person.


Hazing is conduct which is intimidating, humiliating, offensive or physically harmful, often in order to join or remain a part of a group or team.

Harassment, including Sexual Harassment

Harassment includes any pattern of physical or non-physical behaviors that are intended to cause fear, humiliation or annoyance; offend or degrade; create a hostile environment; or reflect discriminatory bias in an attempt to establish dominance, superiority or power over an individual participant or group bases on gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual expression or mental or physical disability.

Emotional Misconduct

Emotional misconduct involves a pattern of deliberate, non-contact behavior that has the potential to cause emotional or psychological harm to a participant. These behaviors may include verbal acts, physical acts or acts that deny attention or support

Physical Misconduct

Physical misconduct is actual or threatening physical contact that intentionally causes or has the potential to cause the participant to sustain bodily harm or personal injury.

Sexual Misconduct, including Child Sexual Abuse

This includes and prohibits romantic or sexual relationships, regardless of age, between individuals with a position of power or supervisory role over athletes, (e.g., coach, tournament director, etc.). This does not include pre-existing relationships between two spouses or life partners. For factors that may be relevant to determining whether an imbalance of power exists, consult the USOC's Athlete Protection Policy.

Sexual misconduct of a minor occurs when any physical contact occurs for the purpose of causing sexual arousal or gratification of either the minor or the adult.

All forms of misconduct are intolerable and in direct conflict with the values and mission of Cleveland Disc Association.

Cleveland Disc Association members, participants and parents shall familiarize themselves with each form of misconduct and shall refrain from engaging in misconduct. Ignorance is not an excuse. Any CDA participant, chaperone, parent or volunteer found to have engaged in this conduct is subject to appropriate disciplinary action including, but not limited to, suspension, permanent suspension and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.

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