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Board Members & Officers

2018 Board Members & Exec Team

Board Members

  • Navid Faraji (Board President)
  • Emily Hilty (Vice President of Board)
  • Adam Davenport
  • Olivia Vick
  • Ryan Hastings

Executive Team

  • Daniel Lynch (Executive Director)
  • Elle Jackson (Copywriters)
  • Abby Czekaj (Women's Coordinator)
  • Dave Arters (Youth Coordinator)
  • Barbara Sarkowski (Field Coordinator)
  • Open Position (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Open Position (Treasurer)
  • Open Position (Secretary)
  • Open Position (Marketing Coordinator)
  • Open Position (Marketing Assistant)
  • Open Position (Webmaster)

Officer and Board Member Position Descriptions

Board Member:

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the organization remains aligned in legal execution with its charter - to support, promote, and expand the sport and community of Ultimate Frisbee in Cleveland for all participants: from the high school athlete to the casual participant to seasoned club veterans.

The Board annually selects the Executive Team, which consists of an Executive Director, Treasurer, and Secretary, to coordinate event directors and legally execute CDA business. The Board supports the Executive Team through strategic input and oversight of plans and budgets to maintain its fiduciary responsibility.

The Board-Executive Team relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. As such, a board member is expected to participate, in person or by proxy, in the four quarterly review meetings, but should also seek to contribute to ongoing discussions to shape the desired outcomes of the CDA's collective planning.

The Board is comprised of five (5) members of the community who each serve 3 year terms that are staggered annually. Every year, one (1) or two (2) seats will open for re-selection by the board to ensure new voices are incorporated while maintaining continuity.

Executive Director:

The executive director heads the day-to-day operations of the CDA, including oversight of the secretary, treasurer, and event coordinators. The executive director is expected to run all CDA open meetings and attend all board meetings.

They should have a presence at events and in the community. They will be responsible for being the primary point person for general CDA inquiries, and should assure that event coordinators are running events on schedule and on budget. 

Assistant Executive Director:
The assistant executive director assists the executive director in all day-to-day functions and takes on those duties in the absence or direction of the executive director. The assistant executive director is expected to operate as an event manager for at least one major event a year. They are expected to take on roles as needed for the organization. They should have a presence at events and in the community.

Field Manager/Secretary:

The CDA secretary is the organizational point person for the organization. They will be responsible for attending all open and board meetings, taking minutes, and posting minutes on the website. They will be the owner of the CDA email lists and documents, and are responsible for keeping both up to date and organized.


The treasurer is the financial head of the CDA. They are responsible for collecting and sending payments, maintaining accurate books, and providing financial reports to the board. The treasurer also submits all necessary forms to state and federal government. They are expected to attend CDA open and board meetings. Candidates for this position should have experience and a solid financial understanding.

Marketing Coordinator:

The Director of Marketing is in charge of promoting the CDA and its public relations agenda. They oversee the Webmaster and manage the CDA's Twitter account, Facebook page, and Facebook group. The Director of Marketing will also assist event coordinators in promoting all CDA events. Candidates for this position should have a passion for the CDA and be avid Facebook and Twitter users.


The Webmaster maintains the CDA website. They are responsible for updating the website and helping event coordinators set up their events. The Webmaster will work closely with the Director of Marketing to keep the site relevant to the CDA's marketing goals. A background in frontend web development, but some basic knowledge of HTML is desirable. Candidates should be readily available to update the website on a regular basis.

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